Justice Rescue

Since 2011, and at great personal expense, Justice Rescue has taken in and rehabilitated nearly 3,000 dogs to loving forever homes. There isn’t a day that goes by when we don’t receive dozens of abuse complaints. Some animals are in such poor condition that they require immediate and often extensive medical care.

Justice Rescue does not euthanize for space, and at least a dozen of our current animals that were severely abused and are not adoptable, will enjoy lifetime sanctuary with us...the only team they trust, Justice Rescue. 

We can do so much more.  We have the ability, knowledge, authority and heart to save any animal that is being abused at the hands of a human.  We are limited by our financial ability to provide medical treatment and care for dogs that we take in until loving homes are found, and every day we are faced with new challenges. Fortunately, having the shelter affords us the space and dedication from our volunteers to accommodate the animals’ needs, but this comes at a great expense.

We are committed to keeping Justice Rescues sanctuary open for the abused and neglected dogs we work so tirelessly to protect, but can only do so with your help. It is gratifying to know we have so many supporters who believe in what we do and who are in a position to help make a difference in the lives of the dogs that come through our doors. It is terrifying to think of not being financially equipped to help these dogs.

Last year, our communities, sponsors and business partners helped us to...
• Reunite dozens of lost animals with their families
• Find loving homes for thousands of animals
• Respond to thousands of calls for Animal Protection  and Control services, keeping our communities safe
• Support our volunteers who donated over 30,000 hours of service
• Provide resources for our foster homes that give home-less animals a safe, quiet place to heal and recover

Justice Rescue is one of the East Coast’s only nonprofit organizations that actively patrols our communities for animal abuse. If it wasn’t for the generosity of  supporters like you, we wouldn’t exist. 

Your donations help us investigate complaints of cruelty, rescue animals from suffering and neglect, care for them and find them loving new homes. 
Your donations help provide sanctuary for animals that have suffered abuse, supports special undercover operations to expose abuses like dog fighting, provides us with the power to prosecute those who abuse animals and helps us educate the next generation to care for animals through our community outreach programs.
Thanks to you, we can keep on fighting cruelty - in all its forms. Justice Rescue is funded entirely by public donations. Your support is vital if we are to make a lasting difference in animals’ lives.