Great Escape FAQs


Q: What do I need to do after receiving the certificate?

          A: After you’ve received your vacation voucher (within thirty days), you’ll need to send in the activation form with a $50 deposit. $40 of your deposit is refundable; $10 is kept for a processing fee. You’ll then be emailed a welcome letter with detailed booking information and a reservation request form. The travel agency must receive this reservation request form at least 45 days before your first preferred travel date. A  reservation agent will contact you approximately 30 days before your preferred travel date to discuss availability.

Q: What costs will I have to pay for my vacation?

          A: In addition to your deposit, you will be responsible for the taxes on your hotel stay. Taxes will vary by destination, but are typically $12 to $15 per night.

Q: Is this a timeshare?

          A: No.

Q: Is airfare to the vacation destination included in the voucher offer?

          A: No, airfare is not included. You will have to provide your own transportation to your chosen destination.

Q: How long is the vacation voucher valid for?

          A: You have one full year from the date on the voucher to reserve your vacation.

Q: What should I do if I don’t know my preferred vacation dates or destination?

          A: Just send us your activation form and deposit.  When you are ready to reserve your hotel stay, be sure to send in your   reservation request form a minimum of 45 days before you want to travel.

Q: Is the voucher transferable?

          A: Yes, the vacation voucher is transferable. It does not have to be used by the donor.

Q: Can I stay at the hotel for extra nights?

          A: Yes, you can stay at the hotel for up to five nights, at an additional fee.

Q: What is the $50 deposit for?

          A: The $50 deposit is a standard deposit, as required by many hotels.

When will I get my $40 deposit back?

          A: You will get $40 of your deposit back any time prior to the voucher’s expiration date, should you choose not to travel and have no confirmed reservation OR within 45 days of completion of travel with a hotel receipt showing no balance due.

The only cases in which you will not receive a refund of your deposit are if you book a hotel stay and do not check into the hotel OR you do not request a refund before the voucher’s expiration date.

Refunds must be requested in writing after your hotel stay or at any time during the 1-year period before your voucher expires. Requests for refunds may also be e-mailed.

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