Caturday Ladies' Sleeveless V-Neck

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🐾😺 Embrace the joy and humor of our feline friends with this purr-fectly punny tank that celebrates the most anticipated day on every cat lover's calendar.

Crafted with a sprinkle of wit and a whole lot of feline charm, this tank top is here to declare that every day can be Caturday when you have the company of your beloved whiskered companion.  There's never a wrong day to embrace the purr-fectness of Caturday!

By choosing this product, you're not only celebrating the joy of rescue, but you're also supporting the vital and lifesaving work of our rescue organization. 100% of the net proceeds goes toward rescuing, rehabilitating, and providing loving homes for animals in need. Your choice to buy this product is a tangible contribution to creating a world where every animal is cherished and given a chance to experience the love they deserve.


  • 3.8-ounce, 100% polyester interlock with PosiCharge technology
  • Gently contoured silhouette
  • Size Chart
  • Caturday Ladies' Sleeveless V-Neck
    Caturday Ladies' Sleeveless V-Neck
    Caturday Ladies' Sleeveless V-Neck

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